Create your dream outdoor setting with these tips for your best landscape lighting.

Backyard lighting for every season
Source: Brightech

Decide the Purpose for Your Landscape Lighting

Whether you want to add overhead light to illuminate large areas like this beautiful patio, or if you need to add more light to dark corners or paths for security, there are many easy DIY solutions available. Now that fall has arrived, and we’ll be turning our clocks back next week, we know that precious outdoor light is fading earlier now. However, it’s still not too late to design your yard with landscape lighting to create the perfect setting year round.

Make a Plan

To get started, you must make a plan. Drafting a simple sketch of your backyard areas is the right place to start. Next, identify where you have the most natural light and in what areas, for the current season. You’ll to want to plan for overall lighting, (used to create ambience), which is a great way to reduce the often harsh glare of installed lights that are fixed to your home.

Next, plan for feature lights. These are used to highlight certain areas, or installations, like statues, ponds or fountains.

Begin by looking above, to supplement the sunlight that is waning, with String Lights. It’s important to determine the area of space you want to illuminate, and we recommend measuring well.

String lights are also perfect additions to hang in trees or shrubs that you have in your landscape. As the video mentions, make certain to choose weatherproof string lights, like Brightech’s Waterproof LED String Lights throughout this post.

Choose carefully, as many string lights are advertised as outdoor, but weatherproof string lights are specifically designed to prevent electrical shortages due to exposure to rain or snow.

Brightech offers a wide range of string lights, which are dimmable, waterproof, solar powered, and even LED. The strong, quality electrical elements used in these string lights will illuminate your landscape for many seasons to come.


Brightech Ambience Pro String Lights over a backyard trellis
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Also, if there’s any doubt about the length of string lights you’ll need, we recommend going longer, versus shorter. Why? It’s a lot easier to use extra lights than to not have enough.

The solution is to double up or layer some areas like corners, as you hang areas where the string lights may be a tad longer. Trust me, you don’t want to be in a DIY situation trying to stretch lights that are too short. A little more is always better in this situation.


Ambience Pro Vintage String Lights set a warm tone for this backyard sitting area
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Layering string lights can create the coziest spaces.  Just look at these beautiful results! Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with hot cocoa or hot cider in this lovely spot?

Landscape Lighting for Attention

Now that you have the basic overhead lighting planned, look around at your outdoor space and decide what elements you want to highlight or feature in your yard. Feature lighting, like floodlights and path lights, is where things can get exciting! You can add more ambient light with a simple light path, or by adding feature lights around the installations mentioned above.

Flood Lights

Perfectly placed, small, solar-powered floodlights are a simple addition. Keep in mind, this should be done subtly, as the point of this feature lights is to make the object the center of focus, not the lights themselves.


Small solar-powered flood lights perfectly illuminate this pool
Source: Pinterest

These floodlights can be found at home improvement stores and come in a range of prices for every budget. They are also available in different wattages, giving you the choice of how much light you need.

Path Lighting

Path lighting is also wonderful because it provides the ability to monitor any activity in your backyard space as well. Also, lighting serves as a great deterrent to burglars and thieves, as they are less likely to try and enter a home that has a well-lit perimeter.


Path Lighting illuminates these stairs ever so gently
Source: Pinterest

While the path lights above compliment a more sleek, modern outdoor space, we found several on Pinterest that offer other style choices. Also, there’s path lighting with solar-powered lawn stakes, which is an excellent choice to provide light to help guide you as you’re walking outside to relax, or as you’re returning indoors after dark.

There are many decorative choices when you want to make the light of the path part of the beauty. We found so many styles, materials, and colors from which to choose! As you can see, path lights range from the classic look of a Tiffany lamp to a cool, coastal look. And of course, DIY farmhouse looks, using mason jars are a fun way to create beautiful, eco-friendly, path lights.