If there’s one significant lighting trend pretty much everyone can agree on loving, it’s got to be string lights. These beautiful additions to any space create a unique sense of illumination and are just too gorgeous to behold. 

Getting Started

We’re going to teach you the easiest way to hang your string lights. Brightech’s string lights are easy to install, with a convenient loop on each socket for easy installation. In addition to a friendly ”extra set of hands” we recommend these items to install them:

  1. Eye Hooks
  2. Zip ties, or 16 gauge guide wire 
  3. Electrical tape (Only if hanging more than one set of lights which you want to connect)

Hanging Your String Lights

Once you have the accessories, measure your space. Our string lights come in 24 ft and 48 ft varieties, so you need to do some general measuring to determine the best size for your space and the number of strands you’ll need. 

Now that you have these essential elements ready, let’s get lighting

  1. Unwrap the string lights and lay them out, so they’re in an organized manner.
  2. String the cable/wire through the eyelets on the lights and hang the wire at both ends, and at some intermediate points, if necessary.
  3. Bolt your eye-hooks into a solid wood or steel structure around the areas in which you want to light. 
  4. Hang your lights holding the strands gently between the bulbs.

Yes, at Brightech we’ve made it that easy!

Keep in mind, Brightech’s lights are top quality and commercial grade, so if you are hanging outside, you may want to run your wires from the various points you’ve set as your anchors. Then you can connect the lights to those wires.  

Installation Pro Tip: For outdoor lighting, we wouldn’t recommend using galvanized or plain steel picture wire, as in most climates it could rust and eventually fail, given the tension that will be on the wire. If you’re hanging string lights indoors, this should not present an issue. 

Have you checked out our most popular string lamps?

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Our Ambience Pro Edison is another stunner guaranteed to illuminate beautifully. These string lights also feature a solar version. 

Now that you’ve hung your lights and have created your own DIY space, it’s time to start enjoying it! Send us pictures of your backyard BBQ’s, picnics or hang times with your friends and family in the spaces you’ve made beautiful.