The countdown has begun with Xmas just days away from now!

From the simplest of string light installations to the lofty ones, all seem to have meshed the city in a way that we never knew existed. After all, what better time than now to add some sparkle to your landscape and gear up for the holidays, isn’t it?

So, here are some of our ideas to dazzle your front yard in the most envious ways.

1. Simple LED Globe Lights

Solar globe string lights for outdoors
Source: Brightech

LED globe string lights are convenient and essentially the stepping stones to your outdoor holiday decor. These are easy to install, long lasting and versatile in the number of ways that they can be put to use. You can fix them across your fence, twist them around your stairway or adorn your pillars to brighten your entryway.

The weatherproof ambiance pro globe lights from Brightech can even bear the harshest of winter chills without hampering your holiday spirit.

2.  Pre-light Wreaths

Outdoor holiday decor wreath lights
Source: Wayfair

It’s time to ditch those extension cables and pick an outdoor wreath with pre-light lights. We’ve tried it and we know how cables can ruin the sparkle on your doorsteps.

Decorate your front door with pre-light holiday wreaths that work with a small hidden battery box. Most of them also come with a timer feature to saves you from the trouble of turning them on and off.

With a multitude of designs and price points available, these holiday wreaths are a splendid way to bring in the holiday cheer.

3. Multicolored LED Lights

yard holiday decor with multicololored sorting lights
Source: House Beautiful

The holidays are incomplete without colors, and the same applies to our string lights. We entrust string lights with a lot of responsibility for our decor needs and these colorful ones make it all so rewarding. These multicolored lights can instantly lift up the spirit of any outdoor landscape, irrespective of its size.

They emit less heat and consume less energy, which is probably why these old-fashioned, classic vibrant holiday lights continue to be a hot favorite even until today.

4. LED Birch Trees

Christmas LED Birch Trees front yard decor
Source: Target

Transform your yard into a winter wonderland with these stunning birch trees lit up with several micro LEDs. This lighting prop has a charming rustic appeal to it that reminds us of the beauty of magical winters. These stunning trees are warm and inviting and thus prove to be excellent for both indoor and outdoor decor.

With a few coordinated Xmas elements around it, you’ll be ready to host your most awaited party.

5. Garden Laser Lights

outdoor garden laser christmas lights
Source: Amazon
If you need a break from twisting string lights around, then this might just be perfect for you.

Laser lights are a great way to light up your home instantly. And because they are so easy to use, these lights are becoming a popular choice by many homeowners. With a simple installation of its weatherproof projector in your yard, you can prepare for some perfect holiday cheer with little to no effort at all.

Also, most of these lasers come with a timer feature to let you set up the show for up to 6 hours at a time!

6. Let’s not Forget the Classics

Landscape decor with Rattan reindeer lights
Source: Opensky

Well, of course, not all of us are lucky enough to spot a real reindeer that remind us of the holidays. But you can sure cherish one in your yard this Holiday Season!

Fairies, Santa’s sled, and his loyal reindeers make up for an excellent team to celebrate your Holiday Season. And what better way than to station a few of these rattan light decors in your front yard. Long lasting LED lights are wrapped around their sturdy frame radiating boundless holiday spirit.

7. Let it Snow!

LED Snowflake string lights
Source: Christmas Lights Etc

Sounds a bit dramatic, right? Nope!

Markets today are abundant with creative LED string lights. Their designs cover anything and everything from snowflakes, snow globes, reindeer, tiny Santas, and even snowmen. These pretty lights are perfect for some dainty and unique decor that will set your outdoors different from your neighbors.

8. Delicate Icicle Lights

Icicle string lights yard decor
Source: Yard Envy

If you are satisfied with a single string of lights then you must take a look at these.

Icicle string lights add brilliance to your holiday decor. Inspired by icicles in all sense, these lights look incredible when fixed to highlight the silhouette of your house.

9. Cover your Hedges

Net lights for landscape hedges
Source: Wilder Publications

Don’t forget your hedges, as they are an excellent prop that contributes to your holiday decor. While several bunches of string lights can be painful to install, investing in net lights for your hedges is the wisest thing to do.

10. Path Lights

holiday path lights for landscape
Source: Lowe’s

Complete your landscape rendition with these special holiday path lights. Just like any other garden stakes, most of these lights are solar powered, too.

These high-spirited holiday lights come in warm whites, multicolors and even as candy sticks to illuminate your pathway, making all your efforts worthwhile.

May these lighting ideas illuminate your Holiday Season tremendously!