While large backyard spaces set the imagination on fire with creative ideas, tight spaces such as apartment patios are more challenging. This summer, create a backyard patio to make your neighbors green with envy.

Even if you don’t have the big outdoors in your backyard, it shouldn’t stop you from having the porch of your dreams.

Selecting the right outdoor lights and exploring your creative instincts are key to your next ‘porch makeover’. Take a look at our handpicked ideas for some dazzling ways to light up your apartment porch.

1. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are delightful, easy on the pocket and even available as string lights. Take a look at this small patio with a romantic setup with some of the very basic ingredients that never fail to impress.

Try installing string lights randomly and surprise yourself and your neighbors with a chic and unwinding ambiance.

Outdoor hanging paper lanterns on a porch string light lighting

2. Edison Canopy

Big city apartments are synonymous with small spaces and this one fits snugly into the description. When Edison bulbs became all the rage in Brooklyn cafes’ style statements, it was only a matter of time before they hit home décor.

Hang an Edison Canopy along the stretch of your patio, or a seating nook, blending the look with LED candle lanterns to create your own personal cafe. You can get them in three different colors – white, black, and green – in our shop.

Edison canopy string light on a balcony with a plant table stand
Source: DecorPatio

3. Glowing Side Tables

Getting creative with outdoor lights means that you get the chance to connect with nature. Robin, a home decor lover, and blogger introduces this concept like a breath of fresh air. We love how she converts a simple side table into a design element of her entire patio.


4. Twisted Fairy Lights

Fairy lights aren’t just for Christmas. We all know the drill of twisting fairy string lights around the patio railing and while that’s nice, try entwining it around a simple garden trellis to highlight your walls for that added touch.

Twisted fairy lights christmas lights outdoor string light creative ideas porch

Source: Pinterest

5. DIY Garden Chandelier

Take the privilege of converting an old bicycle wheel, solid wreath, a tree branch or an unused garden basket into your very own, low cost, rustic patio chandelier. Trust me, this is one of those things that looks like a lot more work than it really is.

You can choose from a wide variety of lights to decorate these forgotten pieces. Meanwhile, you’ll be flaunting your artistic talents for all your guests and neighbors.  

DIY Garden Chandelier lamp brand lights on a wooden branch stick lighting
Source: PopSugar

6. Upgrade the Old Umbrella

If you have enough room for an outdoor umbrella to fit on your patio, you must try this one. It makes your corner special, plus, with all the spotlight you and your friends are likely to feel extra special.

Now, how’s that for smart outdoor lighting?

Do any of these resonate with your idea of brightening up your porch or do you have something else in mind? If yes, we would love to know more about your summer patio project.

Porch String lights hanging on an umbrella
Source: Pinterest