Want to create an unforgettable experience?

String lights are everyone’s favorite, thanks to their versatility and affordability.

The list is endless with the millions of things we can do with these pretty fairy twinkles. And the best part is, you don’t have to wait to use these until Christmas knocks at your door, but you can create an everyday blissful affair, guaranteed to last all year long.

Check out these 10 creative ways to celebrate string lights throughout the year!

1. DIY Sporty Shuttle Lights

This DIY garland of colorful shuttlecock string lights are a fun way to perk up your outdoors this summer. These are super easy to make, very pocket friendly, a head-turner and has a vibrant sporty feel to it.

2. String lights Photo Wall

String lights in the round! We can never get enough of these DIY’s, can we?

String lights add such warmth to our spaces and their soft light makes everything look wonderful and dreamy. Browse this simple tutorial and add your own personal touch by creating a wall of precious memories by clipping photographs on to these pretty string lights.

3. Grapevine Chandelier

These rustic chandeliers are so easy to make and such gorgeous outdoor lighting props that you’d want to flaunt it on every chance you get. Simply buy a wreath and twist some string lights around it and look for the nearest power source to plug it in to impress your guests.

4. Hide and Seek Background Lights

We always talk about highlighting bland and dull areas by focussing on string lights. While this is true, take a look at how this patio has had it makeover with string lights glowing in the background, from within the trees. The decor is subtle and rejuvenating.

5. Flameless Fire Pit

string lights, outdoor lightingThis fire pit will blow you away. This incredibly safe fire pit glows with string lights wrapped around blocks of logs and is your style statement decor for your upcoming cookout summer nights.

6. Vintage Light Posts

Fencing your porch deck with a pergola and string lights is a great way to create a fancy backyard.

string lights, outdoor lightsDon’t have a pergola? Relax! You can still enjoy a charming version of this vintage beauty by securely installing some poles in your garden planters. Follow this simple tutorial from Blesser House and add life to your porch.

7. Reader’s Retreat

ceiling string lightsThere is no better way to relax than to have your own personal space and your favorite book to read. Get some string lights and fix them across the roof of your bed or your reading nook to have the dreamiest retreat ever.

8. Glamorous Dine Outs

lighting outdoor spaces

Spruce up your summer evenings with this gorgeous-looking patio. The decor is minimalistic and mesmerizing. Zevy Joy pays attention to every minute detail to the aesthetics and the Edison string lights fit just right to make this a perfect summer patio.

9. Shimmer in the Dark

fairy lights

If you don’t want the hassle of a power source, the solar string light mesh is a brilliant idea to highlight your entryway and make your garden bushes glow.

10. DIY Spilling Solar Lights

string lights
string lights

If you want to relive a Tinkerbell moment in your garden, try this DIY with a cute kettle pot pouring twinkling lights from its spout. Opt for the solar string lights and don’t forget to invite the fairies for a tiny tea party.