Top 5 Benefits and Uses of Solar String Lights

If you’re consciously trying to minimize your carbon footprint, then solar lighting is one of your best bets. Moreover, as we celebrate Earth Day this April 22nd, there couldn’t have been a better time than now, to take a look at the abundant benefits of using solar lighting!

But first things first, what does solar lighting actually mean? To put it simply, solar lights are made from a lighting system that converts solar energy (energy from the sun) into electrical energy. Solar lights operate on electricity from batteries that are charged through the use of a solar photovoltaic panel. Once the solar panel is sufficiently charged in the daylight, they can easily run up to 6-8 hours without costing you a single penny. Moreover, solar lights are also a great way to brighten up your garden, backyard, and outdoor area where you may not have electrical wiring or outlets to plug in traditional lights.

With Brightech’s recent launch of a series of versatile string lights, let’s take a look at the top 5 benefits and uses of solar string lights in our everyday homes:

1. Easy Installation

outdoor solar string lights
Source: Brightech

Installation of outdoor lights can be tricky, to say the least. But contrary to your traditional string lights, solar string lights are a great time-saver, as they don’t require an outlet for a plug! No electricity! All you need is a bright location somewhere outside so that the solar cells of your string lights can be sufficiently charged through the panel.

The Ambience Pro Solar 2W string lights by Brightech are energy efficient LED string lights that are perfect for your outdoor area. Whether you’re looking for a bistro set up or just a space to unwind, these heavy duty string lights are bound to transform your space.

2. Light Sensors for Brighter Evenings

benefit of using solar string lights Brightech
Source: Brightech

Solar lights have endless advantages, but the one you and I will love most is their convenience. While traditional plug-in lights need to be turned on and off, Brightech’s solar lights come with their own built-in timers. What a relief!

The Ambience Pro Solar 1W LED Outdoor Solar String Lights are available in both warm and soft white lights. These vintage Edison-style bulbs are so pretty, and emit a warm glow, making your regular evenings super relaxing and enjoyable. Not to mention that they also have a built-in photocell sensor. That means that it automatically senses light and dark, turning the lights on automatically once the sun goes down.

With a solar panel of 2000 mAH battery, these lights can charge in 6 hours of sunlight and still shine for another 5-6 hours after dusk without a single dull moment.

3. Weatherproof and Water Resistant

durable outdoor uses of solar string lights
Source: Brightech

Solar lights deserve to be used all year round and not be kept in a box, gathering dust until there’s a special occasion. After all, these lights should be seen as more than mere Christmas decorations!

Brightech’s solar string lights are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and winds due to their durable WeatherTite Technology. Made with long-lasting, durable plastic shells, these 2 inch thick bulbs are can tolerate heat, the damp, wind, and cold without needing a replacement.

A side story – my Brightech solar string lights got struck by lightning on a stormy winter’s night! The lightning hit the solar panel, and my whole balcony lit up with the glow. The lights flickered for a few moments and went off, and I was sure that they wouldn’t work again. The next evening they shone brighter than ever!

Take a look at the Ambience Pro Solar 1W Waterproof LED Corn Outdoor String Lights. These heavy-duty LED string lights are the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Whether it is your pergola, patio, deck or balcony, these warm vintage bulbs will change the whole ambience of your space.

4. Huge Savings on your Energy Bills

outdoor solar string lights uses
Source: Brightech

One of the biggest advantages of solar lights is their cost and energy efficiency. This is because the energy that’s used here is free. Sunlight, people, sunlight!

Considering the average amount you spend just on outdoor lights for your summer pool parties or during the holiday season, solar lights are a game changer for your pocket. Solar string lights are flexible because you can put them up anywhere as long as its battery panel is receiving enough sunlight. Also, in contrast to traditional lighting installations that can take up to months, solar lights in the form of string lights, garden stakes, and other lamps can save you so much time and labor costs, too.

Take a look at Brightech’s Ambience Pro- Hanging Vintage Edison Bulb string lights. These lights are just perfect for your retro style evening parties, birthdays, weddings and summer grilling nights. Their soothing yet bright ambient lights emit 3,000K warm white light and live up to 20,000 hours.  And although it takes a full charge of 6 hours of sunlight, it does run for a solid 5-6 hours without overheating (and even if it gets struck by lightning 😉).

5. Environment-Friendly

Environment friendly solar string lights by brightech
Source: Brightech

Last but not least, another major advantage of using solar string lights is that they minimize your carbon footprint. As emissions, heat, and waste worsen the climate change situation, solar lights encourage the use and acceptance of energy from more renewable sources that are less damaging to our planet.

Brightech’s research and design team acknowledged this problem and decided to use the durable WeatherTite Technology to manufacture their solar string lights. So the Ambience Pro Solar 1W Globe String Lights, and the entire solar string lights collection is gifted to offer a full 5-year warranty. Their sturdy and commendable weather-resistant features allow these lights to run for a good 20,000 hours! This means they last longer with less light strands wasted each year and thrown out to pile up in landfills.

Loved our list? Then make sure you get a set of solar string lights to brighten up your summer outdoors this year!