For this interview, we got connected to one of the most creative sewers I know – Stephanie from Swoodson Says. She started sewing 8 years ago and she is really into upcycling which means taking a piece of clothing and make something cool out of it. Stephanie has such a great variety of projects, from regular t-shirts to really cool sewn toys for your kids. She even does embroidering on hats with a machine. Check out the interview below.

1. What is the greatest tip that you could give a beginner to learn sewing?

Ask for help! Whether you’re learning via blog tutorials, Youtube videos, in-person classes, or books, you need a person who can answer your questions. Find a friend, join a sewing community Facebook group, or hit up a family member who can help guide you because it’s hard to know what to Google when you’re not familiar with the right terms.

2. What’s your favorite sewing pattern/technique?

The hardest thing about sewing for me is choosing which project to work on next! It feels like my kids are always asking me to make them something, my own list of ideas is always a mile long, and there’s never enough time to do it all. It’s also easy to say/think “I could make that instead of buying it!” over and over again, which I’m trying to be realistic about!

3. What is your favorite project that you’ve ever done?

That’s a hard question! It would have to be a tie – my favorite hand-stitched project was this wildflower pattern showing how to embroider a hat by hand. My favorite machine-stitched project was this men’s button-down refashion, it felt like a gamble but I love the end results and wear it often.




4. Which project are you most proud of?

It’s simple, but I am most proud of my pocket kitty pattern! So, so many people have stitched it up and shared it with me, which makes my day. Lots of parents have said their kiddos take them to school with them as a way to stay close, which is so special.


5. What’s your favorite sewing pattern/technique?

My favorite technique is definitely upcycling or refashioning. New fabric is fun, but I get an extra level of joy when I’m “rescuing” something that would otherwise be in the trash heap. Sewing within the boundaries of an existing garment makes it easier to be creative in some ways as well; having limits makes it easier to brainstorm for me!

6. How many years have you been sewing?

I have been sewing for about 8 years; I grew up with my Mom sewing but didn’t take the time to learn until I was pregnant with my first child!