Decorating small spaces has always been a bit of a challenge and Christmas time is no exception. Questions like, “Where do I put my Christmas tree?” and “How do I decorate without going over overboard?” are probably the top things on your mind. Living in a small space may raise your concerns about having to compromise your festive spirits. But relax! For this may not always stand true. With a little bit of effort and some creative inspiration, you too can spruce up your space for a sparkling Holiday Season.

Take a look these 10 amazing ways that will light up your small abode:

1. A Retake on Solar String Lights

solar string light decor on patio
Source: Pinterest

We know that you love your solar string lights. They have served you well all through the year and they still have so much potential left.  That’s because there are tons of creative things you can do to bring out the best of these solar string lights. By simply installing them along the height of your window, you can create a warm and inviting outdoor space. Also, using solar lights that are weatherproof will keep you assured at their longevity.

string light christmas wreath
Source: A Bubbly Life

Want to go that extra mile? Create your own DIY Christmas outdoor wreath with Brightech’s ambient string lights that will effortlessly shine once the sun goes down.

2. A Gorgeous Tree on your Wall

Christmas lights tree wall string lights
Source: Maison Valentina

Small spaces do have their own challenges, but it’s not always that bad. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this one!

With a multitude of ideas floating on Pinterest, this unique DIY Christmas tree idea is a steal. This way you don’t have to worry about running short of your floor space, nor do you have to settle with having a tiny Christmas tree. Use anything from string lights, driftwoods or even a Christmas garland to make your own unique tree this festive season!

3. Paint Your Lights in Gold

String lights painted in gold
Source: The Merry Thought

Gold is a color that can literally bring out the best in anything and what better time than to use it for your Winter decor? On that note, how about reusing your old string lights with a touch of simple gold spray paint? Unbelievable, right? 

Merry Thought, a New York-based lifestyle blog came up with this incredibly creative and affordable idea that will instantly brighten up your apartment with rich Holiday spirit. So, ditch the boring green cords and flaunt your interiors with these stunning globe lights painted in gold.

4. Window Wonderland!

decorating a window for Christmas
Source: Pinterest

This may not seem obvious, but your windows can contribute to your decor most beautifully.

Using simple and traditional decorations like bells, candy canes, stars and snow globes, you can transform the way your windows will appear from both inside and outside. Just add a rope of string lights, and create a magical winter scene almost immediately. Having done that, don’t forget to roll up your blinds and flaunt your mini-wonderland!

5. String Light Chandeliers

DIY string light twig chandelier
Source: The Project Table

We love DIY ideas, don’t we?

Creative and rustic chandeliers such as this one are a great alternative to the expensive ones. These are particularly easy to make with the help of a hula hoop, some string lights, a grapevine wreath and a garland of your choice. That’s it!

Treat it as a lighting fixture in the high traffic areas of your home and this ambient prop will go a long way to lift up your holiday fiesta.

6. Light up the Mood

golden tree light on dinner table
Source: Live DIY Ideas

Xmas ornaments in gold are an excellent way to bump up the glam side of your decor. While LED’s have risen in popularity in recent times, candles have always played an everlasting role to celebrate festive spirits. So, if you feel cramped with your floor space, look at your table.

Set up a gorgeous dinner table with the help of some boutique candles shaped like Christmas trees, adorned with gold dust. These glistening gold accents add royalty and elegance to your overall decor. They’re vibrant and sparkling and will dazzle up your home for the perfect Holiday evenings ever.

7. Decorate your Mirrors

Christmas mirror decor
Source: Home Eastern

The classic trick to make small spaces appear larger is by using carefully placed mirrors. Having said that, a mirror plays a pivotal role in the decor of small spaces. Highlighting your mirrors with festive ornaments like snowglobes, garlands and string lights is a smart move to perk up the interests of your guests.

This bathroom decor looks stunning!

8. Snowflake Micro-Lights

snowflake microlights decor for christmas
Source: Grand in Road

Check out these snowflake micro-lights that will cheer up your space, irrespective of its size! Built on delicate wire frames, these snowflakes are adorned with multiple micro-lights that can be strung in any corner of your home. Dainty and bright, make sure you look out for these while decorating both your indoors and outdoors for the Holiday Season.

9. Outdoor Holiday Cheer

christmas outdoor wreath with lights
Source: Style Me Pretty

We all love ourselves a gorgeous wreath. They are bright, colorful and act as a signboard of the celebration that lies ahead.

If hanging a wreath on your front door or your mantle is already on your list, add some glam by entwining a string of battery operated string lights around it. These delicate lights will add warmth and bring out the best in any traditional wreath.

10. A Retro Wall Banner

LED light Christmas wall decor
Source: One Kindesign

A retro wall banner is the coolest thing to do for your holiday decorations this year. So, if you have less floor space for extravagant decor, then use the space on your walls! We’ve spoken about DIY wall trees and now it’s time to talk about classic words with a creative twist.

These LED strip lights are so easy to use and will instantly brighten up your blank walls.