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Use these design tips to create a calm, peaceful environment

Taking a little time to evaluate your home and living areas to produce the most comforting and welcoming environment is a necessity. Everyone knows the feeling of panic we get when we’re looking for that ”very important document”, or even our set of keys!

So stop stressing…we’re going to look at some key design techniques that will help you de-stress your home and hopefully your life.

1. Declutter

Start with a simple test

Decluttering doesn’t mean you have a picture-perfect house at all times. What it means is everything in your home has its own place and space. This will prevent those last minute emergencies trying to find an item that you need, provided it always has a primary place for storage when you’re not using it.

To achieve this, it’s time to ask a few short questions about items in your living space:

  • Do I truly need it?
  • Do I genuinely adore it? and,
  • Would I trade inner peace for this?

These simple questions are the work of Martha Beck, life coach and author of Finding Your Own North Star. They are a great way to define the things you really can’t live without versus the stuff inhabiting your valuable space.

2. Destress

Maxwell Shelf & LED Floor Lamp Combination

Lighting can set the mood for every area of your environment. Some rooms seem to come with their own stresses based on the tasks that we must do in them. This is where lighting takes the stage. Finding lighting accessories that suit your style and serve their purpose can instantly increase the ”feel good” vibes of any room. For your home office, living room or even bedroom, we recommend setting the tone with our Maxwell Drawer Edition floor lamp.

This versatile shelf and LED floor lamp combination instantly adds a feeling of warmth to any room. It also provides space to stylishly organize and keep things you need. The Maxwell promotes an instant feeling of organized calm while illuminating any space with a peaceful glow on your surroundings. This three-in-one solution adds key necessities to any room: warm light casting the perfect glow, 3 drawers for go-to items such as keys, documents, coupons, glasses, or receipts; and shelves to feature mementos, books, or other items that make you happy seeing them. Knowing that you have defined spaces, with the added advantage of light, can come in handy as you need to organize, store or retrieve your things.

Change your lighting, change your MOOD

Another way to de-stress is to add lighting in areas you may have neglected. We all have those funny little nooks in our homes or overhead ceilings that vary in height throughout the living space. A great way to turn these small areas into special places is to add lighting in creative yet functional ways.

String lights offer the perfect solution

From illuminating an odd corner to creating a sense of openness in an area lacking natural light, string lights can be used heavily or sparingly. They achieve a feeling of bright, open and airy spaces. String lights can be used to instantly light up a small corner, highlight the natural light from a window, or be draped along a wall to create the feeling of a window to any space.

Small flurries of lighting around your living space can improve the feelings you experience by enriching them with subtle points of light. Humans generally feel better when our spaces are appropriately illuminated.

Finding the right balance of light and the best type of light for you can improve your sense of wellness and wellbeing. String lights allow you the ability to brighten random places, like a mirror, headboard, the inside of a closet, and more.

All of the string lights below are easy to hang.  Simple string lights can quickly transform any area in your home — your imagination is the limit!

3. Design it to suit YOU

Review, reorder, re-do until you get it

It’s a good idea to take a long look at your living space and ask yourself if you’re getting the most out of your surroundings. Whether you rent or own, the space in which you call home is where you create a sense of wellbeing. And, you deserve to get the most out of it! That is the essence of design.  You get to decide what has a place in your home, what function it serves and how best to achieve those goals. Designing your space is about reviewing what you have, reducing what you don’t need, and reordering things into the design that works for you.

Do things feel like they’re in the ”right place”?  Ensuring the important things you need are in their proper places is key to living a less stressed life. Re-designing or re-evaluating your living area doesn’t require a Contractor and major renovation.  It’s as easy as looking around at the layout of your surroundings and asking yourself if they are best laid out places for you.

This can mean a simple review of your space to see if things flow in a way that makes you feel you’re at the center of your surroundings, versus feeling your area is dominated by your ”stuff”.

Source: FreshIdeen

This tiny, yet perfectly curated space above captures the need for the right lighting in the right space. As seen in this lovely design from Fresh Ideen, this space shows a lot of items. Yet, each one has a designated home with a purpose. All of the basic necessities for light are taken into consideration, using both traditional methods and a twist.

The table top lamp provides the basic need of light for the working area.  It casts a glow all the way into the living space. The placement of the overhead light in the top right corner of the wall is an excellent way to give the necessary but focused overhead light to the working space.

You can achieve the same streamlined results using Brightech’s Maxwell LED USB Side Table & Desk Lamp.  Use our Ambience Watt bulbs for the best glow. 

Design with Light

Our lighting fixtures and accessories offer fashionable, sleek, cost-effective options to any space. While reviewing your space to optimize it for your needs, remember to take into account the type of lighting for each area, space or room.

Warm lighting generally promotes a sense of wellbeing, while lights that are too harsh can make a room feel unwelcoming or unpleasant. We all need to be able to focus and see properly in well-lit areas.  Some areas of your living space may require readjusting the type, quality, and wattage of your lights to create and sustain the best experience.

4. Use Color

Don’t be afraid to embrace all the shades of you! Using color can be an inexpensive and fun way to instantly bring your personality to your living space. Don’t have a lot of money for an entire home re-design? You don’t need it! Just by choosing a small wall, or area of a wall to paint in a color you love can brighten up your space. It’ll increase your appreciation for it, too.

Image credit: Adrienne Breaux

If painting an entire room or wall isn’t in the budget or to your liking, you can play with your sense of color with throw rugs, accent pillows, and window dressings.

Adrienne Breaux’s image above, featured in Apartment Therapy, shows a simple way to take something mundane as a hall closet and turn it into a fantastic nook bursting with color. It merely takes rethinking the available spaces in the surroundings.

Remember, the key is in finding little details–while streamlining your space–that resonate with you. You want to find ways to display the things that give you ”good vibes” when entering the space you call home.

5. Revel in Your Surroundings

Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights by Brightech
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No matter the size of your dwelling, the cost of the items, or the overall layout of your space, you can make your home your castle! Taking time to spend in each area of your living space, and getting to know what you need from it, is the biggest key of all!

When you take the time to embrace the space you’re living in, you are guaranteed to increase your personal appreciation of your living space. Do this by checking out what your dwelling has to offer that you may have overlooked. It can take as little as 3 minutes in each room.

Every one of us can imagine the ”perfect home”. In reality, no matter the budget, every place we live in can be the perfect one for the time we are in it. All we have to do is make the tiny investment of a little time. In just a few minutes at random by opening our mind to what the space is intended to do, we can evaluate how well it achieves its function for us, on our terms.